Monday, November 07, 2005


Watched some really great stuff this weekend. Frederick back's incredibly emotional and deeply moving "the man who planted trees", "the mighty river" and other films. I wish everyone gets a chance to watch "the man who planted trees" at least once in life! It was unlike anything i've ever seen or experienced before.
I was also blown away by Pedro Almodovar's academy award winning masterpiece "All about my mother". I'm absolutely falling in love with spanish cinema. These guys are really amazing and their films wonderful! Also watched "The color of paradise" and "Taste of cherry" from Iran. Very sensitive and beautiful films indeed!!
Anyway, these characters are from one of my old shorts "Oooh...what a day"!!!
Regards everyone


Virginia Valle said...

I so glad you have a beautiful day watrched all that movies :).. Beautiful characteres .. look funny and with personality :)

Virginia Valle said...

jafar :) with the models I creating I'm learning Z-BRUSH and Softimage at the same time :)


Giles said...

Great characters! And I really like your line work.

Thanks for popping by my blog and for your kind words. Have linked to you and will visit again :)

Virginia Valle said...

Jafar I posted a little roughs on my blog :).Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it :)

The Original Dangster said...

Dang that dude better watch his back, cause that buttah-fly is llokin to swoop down on his ass all MOTHRA STYLE!

Dave Pryor said...

Nice and simple - Great contrast to the style of your other posts.

Thanks for the link by the way!

Still wondering if you'd mind if I posted your Lumpy picture sometime. I really love it!

Take care Jafar.

pink hippo said...

Hello Jafar,

Nice to see your old cute drawing again. Please post the coloured version of it. :)


p.s. Thank you for link :), whats more exciting is to see my name near Uli Meyer ( WOW )

nick said...

great stuff jafar....lovely quality.......thank you for linking me,all the best

hans said...

hi jafar,

thank you for your kind comments. I
really like your work. are you in an
animation studio or independent?
some years ago I met frederic back
in L.A. he came to the disney studio
and I gave him a tour through mulan.
we stayed in letter contact for several years. when you know him
you understand his films, they are
like him. very gentle, with a big heart and love for the arts. I am
his biggest fan