Thursday, March 20, 2008

DVD Cover For Richard Willams' Unsung Masterpiece

This DVD cover is my tribute to this extraordinary and exceptional piece of art and also to the people responsible for giving this masterpiece the treatment it always deserved! My big thanks to Garrett Gilchrist for all the painstaking work! Great job, indeed! Thanks a million, guys!

Following text is taken from the The Thief and the Cobbler - Recobbled Cut Restoration Thread:

"Nearly 30 years in the making, a labor of love by a team of animation greats, this was to be the masterpiece of Richard Williams' career, perhaps the most ambitious independent animated film ever conceived. The film was the inspiration for Disney's Aladdin, which proved to be its undoing. After over two decades of work, the film was taken away from Williams when he couldn't meet his deadline. It was eventually bought by Disney, recut and destroyed. It has never been seen the way it was intended to be seen ... until now. Based on Williams' original workprint, missing scenes have been restored using storyboards and unfinished animation. Restored to its true form, this lost classic has finally been found.

The Recobbled cut is a fan created construction of the film, painstakingly restored, as Williams wanted it, or as close to as possible. Based on a workprint of the film from when Williams was nearing completion (shortly before the film was taken away from him), using the workprint, DVDs of the two officially released cuts of the film, and other related elements taken from various sources this Recobbled cut reveals the masterpiece that could have been."

Please be aware that The Thief and the Cobbler was released on DVD by Miramax in 2006 in a shabbily chopped, crappy fullscreen version which sparked a furore among the purists and fans. Stay away from it.


aroop said...

holysmokes...have you bought it already..!!?? is this the restored version..!!how did you got ur hands on it..!! lol..look at you..all you need to do is just to put the DVD cover upthere..without even saying i bet you will get a lot of hits on this post from a lot of people who will envy you..grrrrr..i know i do..!!

jesukiran said...

this time i will watch this movie(i wont sleep) :))

Jafar said...

No, this time I'll make sure you're watch out ;O)

Hrishikesh said...

is this dvd available on the net ?

Hrishikesh said...

is this dvd available on the net ?